David Hoffmaster
Owner & President

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David Hoffmaster builds relationships to strengthen and grow Hoffmaster Electric. As the company’s second-generation leader, he’s determined to continue serving long-standing customers, reach into new industries, and enrich the broader community.

David’s commitment to human relationships comes not just from his upbringing, but from his experience as a soldier. David graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 2009. Upon receiving his commission to the Army, he served nearly six years as an officer in Infantry, Field Artillery, and Intelligence units. 

“I joined the military because I wanted to help people,” said David. “I did my best to serve and help the world around me, and I experienced things you just can’t learn any other way.” Observing how leaders and teams interacted, David noticed that the best units took care of each other, were able to change quickly to meet the needs of any mission, and valued ideas and leadership from all ranks.

“That kind of culture empowers people to do their best. I think that can be carried over to a business as well. That’s what I’m after—for my own team and for my customers.”

John Hoffmaster

John Hoffmaster founded Hoffmaster Electric more than 30 years ago. Through commitment, hard work, and genuine interest in helping other people, he grew a successful business.

But John never limited his focus to work. He was and continues to be a devoted husband and father. In his twenties, as his business was taking off, John also took up Tae Kwon Do. Within the martial arts community, he made friends who introduced him to Christianity. Embracing the faith, he discovered that the business could support not just his family, but ministry as well.

For years, John devoted his spare time and energy to inner city outreach, alongside his leadership of Hoffmaster Electric. In 1990, he purchased an abandoned firehouse in the Black Oak community of Gary, Indiana. He turned the building into a Tae Kwon Do and community outreach center. Twenty-five years later, the Old Firehouse Community Center still stands and serves those who live nearby.

In 2015, John turned Hoffmaster Electric over to his son David, freeing his own schedule for full-time ministry. John continues to advise and support the business, and enjoys catching up with customers and vendors when they call.