WHAT we do makes us competitive. HOW we do it sets us apart. 

WHAT we do revolves around products and pricing. We provide customers with dependable electrical equipment to power their operations, and we partner with manufacturers to offer excellent performance at a competitive and honest price.

HOW we approach this work is inspired by our strong values for:

Human connections, above all
We value and build relationships at work and in the world. You won’t just receive orders and invoices from Hoffmaster Electric; you’ll receive our attention and camaraderie. We visit every customer, in person, as often as possible. We also invest in something more important than our own business: the community around us.

Flexible plans, but firm beliefs
We’re open to new ways of working. In fact, we seek out ways to adapt to meet changing needs of customers, industries, and technologies. But our integrity? That’s not going to bend.

Creative thinking and decisive action
No problem is to big or too small for ingenuity. We study, learn, formulate ideas, and then choose a well-reasoned response. This is how great work gets done.

Selfless service
We are committed to delivering superior results for our customers, our community, and each other. If that means extra time, extra miles, or extra sweat, we put it in. With pride.