Hoffmaster Electric was founded in 1984 by John Hoffmaster, a husband, father, and citizen who built the business as a means to support his family and contribute to the community. He established Hoffmaster Electric as a specialist distributor of fuses, transformers, and other electrical equipment. John worked tirelessly and gained immense respect for his integrity, customer service, and business relationships.

After nearly three decades of running the business, John followed his heart and pursued fulltime ministry. He now serves as minister in the Gary/Black Oak region of Indiana.

Just as John was preparing for this transition, his son was considering a career move as well. After six years of active duty military service, David Hoffmaster was ready to leave the Army and pursue a business career. The transitions lined up perfectly. The week David became an Army veteran, he also found himself at the helm of an electrical distribution business.

Today, Hoffmaster Electric operates out of the Chicago area and serves customers across the United States and Canada. The company’s customers range from small, independent organizations to multi-billion-dollar enterprises